Dr Nzekwu And His Proficiency In IGR Collection; Anambra State In View

Dr. Nzekwu And His Proficiency In IGR Collection; Anambra State In View:..

Since the inception of office last year as the Chairman/Chief Executive Anambra Internal Revenue Service AiRS, Dr. David Nzekwu has introduced a lot of technological innovations towards making the ease of state Internally Generated Revenue I(GR) collection a viable one. Below are some of the steps made so far in achieving that;

* The entire IGR processes have been automated to ensure accountability thereby making sure that all the revenues accrued to the state government are being accounted for.
* The AiRS under Dr. Nzekwu has implemented a world-class dashboard system that reports revenue collections real-time and as such instituted processes that are making it increasingly more difficult for Revenue thieves in the state who are now fighting for their survival.

* With Dr. Nzekwu in charge, AiRS was also responsible for the introduction of ANSSID (Anambra State Social Identity) a system which has presented a platform for every individual in the state to enroll into the tax system with ease and ensure that they are making payment to government and not to Revenue thieves.

* And just recently, the AiRS launched the new Stamp Duties Office which is responsible for the issuance of stamp duties on receipts issued on transactions made between individuals in the state. The now has revenue stamps. These ane another robust avenue to generate a sizeable revenue to the Anambra State account.
The AiRS under Dr. David Nzekwu as the Chairman/Chief Executive will soon be implementing the scratch card scheme for all tickets and other flying revenues from January 2020. This will also put a stop to illegal ticketing and racketeering with regards to the state IGR and ensure that all the revenue accrued from the tickets are paid directly into the govt coffer.

Now you see why the enemies of Ndi Anambra progress are trying hard to sabotage these beautiful innovations which have helped to grow and increase the state IGR from N8.7bn in 2013 to 19.7bn in 2019, a quantum leap and a testament to increased transparency in the revenue collection process.

The introduction of these technological means of revenue collection has helped a great deal in maximizing the revenue due to the state government as well as help in reducing avoidance and evasion of tax payments as much as possible.

The new era of designing and delivery of a professional and efficient system would enable AiRS to reach out to every potential taxpayer in Anambra State. When they tell you Anambra is in shambles, tell them it’s because there are no loopholes anymore for them to siphon and conduit government money into their personal coffers owing to the fact that, Dr. David Nzekwu is professionally in charge of AiRS.


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