The Chairman/Chief Executive, AiRS, Dr. David Nzekwu has reaffirmed his commitment to administer the Anambra State Revenue Administration Law 2010, which he said is the mandate given to him.

Dr. Nzekwu stated this to the press shortly after a court case involving illegal revenue collectors in the State at Magistrate court 3, Awka last Friday. He explained that to pay revenue to Anambra State government, a Demand Note that looks like an invoice indicating the revenue head is issued. With the Demand Note, he continued, the person goes to the bank to pay with his or her ANSSID number.

The Chairman frowned at the rate illegal revenue collectors operate in the State despite several warnings against that. He advised Ndi Anambra not to pay cash to anybody or to individual Bank account but to support the government and pay through the bank using their ANSSID number.

On those arraigned in court over illegal revenue collection on ‘Liquor Licence\’, the Chairman maintained that only the court has the powers to say who is guilty or not. He frowned at the manner people go about defrauding unsuspecting individuals in the name of Liquor Licence. He stated that Liquor Licence is an ordinance and as such not meant for unauthorized revenue collectors. He said that revenue that accrued should go directly to the State government through the use of ANSSID number.

The Chairman explained that currently, the Community Revenue Officers (CRO) are going around the State to assist the public and shop owners to register their Business Premises. He appealed to the general public to support those who have been commissioned to go round the State and assist all business owners with their compulsory Registration/Renewal of Business Premises.
Dr. Nzekwu also explained that every business operating in the State has the responsibility to register their Business Premises in the State and ensure that they obtain Certificate of Business Premises/Renewal which must be displayed conspicuously within the premises where the business operates.

AiRS has vowed to eliminate illegal revenue collection in the State at all costs. On a daily basis, the 3 Black Maria trucks are on the road to convey arrested illegal revenue collectors caught to a place where their head will cool. As the Chairman will always say, ‘It is no longer business as usual’, the State will be very hot for all illegal revenue collectors. If your source of income is through illegal revenue collection, please you better quit, or relocate or worst for you, face the wrath of the rod. Anya na-acha anyi red this time, and anyi adi achikwa.


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