AiRS Public Service Announcement: On Revenue Compliance.


The Anambra State Internal Revenue Service (AiRS) wishes to inform the general public of its plan to undatake a revenue compliance verification excecise across the state. The excersice will affect traders, businesses, households and government offices. During the process, Inspectors of Taxes will be visiting traders, businesses, offices and homes. They will demand to see evedence of compliance with payment of the following taxes and levies:

* Personal Income Tax
* Witholding Tax
* Signage Fees by Businesses
* Fire Service Fees*
* ASWAMA Levies
* Business Premises Registration Certificate and other State approved levies.

We wish to appeal for the support of Ndi Anambra throughout this excercise.

Please Note the Following

1. Anambra State no longer issue Manually Generated Demand Notices including Demand Notice for ASWAMA. The General public is being reminded not to honour any Manually Generated Demand Notice issued by any individual or organization purpoting to be acting on behalf of the state government.

2. All payments to the state government are to be made directly into the state government account in any commercial bank using the taxpayers ANSSID number. Where any member of the public is in doubt, they should please confirm from the AIRS Office nearest to them or by visiting our website at HYPERLINK \”\”

3. All Demand Notices and Revenue Receipts issued in the state are digital and can be verified by scanning the QR code on them.

The state government shall not be responsible for any payment not made directly into the state account through PayDirect and in accordance with approved procedure.

Dr. David Nzekwu
Chairman/Chief Executive
Anambra State Internal Revenue Service AiRS.

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